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Colapso de una grúa en Dallas: una tragedia que pudo haberse evitado

El domingo por la tarde, una grúa colapsó en un edificio de apartamentos matando al menos a una persona, hiriendo gravemente a otras personas y dejando a cientos de personas sin un lugar donde vivir. En los días posteriores a esta tragedia, la gente de toda la ciudad se está preguntando: ¿cómo sucedió esto y va a volver a suceder?

Dallas Crane Collapse

On Sunday afternoon, a crane collapsed into an apartment building killing at least one person, seriously injuring others and leaving hundreds of people without a place to live. In the days after this tragedy, people across the city are reaching out asking questions: how did this happen, and is it going to happen again?

The victims of this tragedy were not on a construction site. They weren’t on the street. They were in their living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms when this crane came crashing into the homes where they lived.

These cranes are designed to withstand winds of 140 miles an hour, more than twice what we experienced in Dallas, and it’s clear this tragedy was absolutely preventable, if not for dereliction of duty by the operator.

The National Weather Service gave plenty of warning, but no action was taken, and while all the other cranes in Dallas were fine, folks were seriously injured, and one person lost their life as a result of a horrific accident.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding the information as it becomes available as we represent and press for answers for our clients who have hired us so far.

We are taking action to make sure that this doesn’t happen again to innocent victims in their homes, and we’ll continue to provide information to help keep our community safe.

Fatal Occupational Injuries Involving Cranes

Texas had almost as many fatal occupational injuries due to cranes as the next four states combined from 2011 to 2015. The following table shows the five states with the most fatal injuries due to cranes.

 Fatal occupational injuries involving cranes by state, 2011–15

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